Conference- and rehearsal rooms

Amenities for conference guests

Welcome to a natural centre of learning: the special needs of conference participants were taken into account when the hostel was constructed. Comfortable rooms with private bathroom and toilet, modern conference rooms with a unique ambiance and professional conference equipment offer the best conditions in which to conduct your conference. Seven bright and airy conference rooms up to 82 m2 in size are available – five of which are wheelchair-accessible. It's never monotonous here, because all the rooms have a unique view of the beautiful Eifel landscape – sometimes from a different perspective. From the "Luchsbau" ("Lynx's Lair") room, guests look into the woods across the forest floor. This is the view you imagine a forest-dweller might enjoy when sitting in his cave!

During the breaks, you can gaze into the distance from the observation deck on the roof of the hostel – which will give you new ideas and foster concentration.

Hold your conference in the "Dungeon" or "Lynx's Lair" - Nideggen Youth Hostel offers a total of 7 conference rooms with a distinctive ambience. Different active modules provide guests with an individual and varied range of leisure time activities to complement the conference.

Individual day packages

Do you have specific wishes or are you looking for a somewhat different conference experience? Just talk to the service team! The hostel team would be happy to make you an individual offer and to integrate a varied social programme that suits your group perfectly. Please see table below for a list of the seminar rooms and their room rates.


  • The hostel's reception is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Seminar groups will receive a front door key
  • The youth hostel team would be happy to help you plan a special programme of leisure activities
  • Seminar organisers can make use of the hostel's programme modules when booking a stay lasting several days.
  • Seminar Service Plus: supporting programs, such as canoeing or climbing, will give seminar participants an additional impetus

Seminar Service Plus

In cooperation with its partners, the new hostel has developed active components that have been specifically tailored to the needs of seminar participants. Surrounded by a unique natural landscape, outdoor training modules ensure a playful combination of team building and experiences in the natural world. Not only movement but also social learning and the growth fostered by events that give participants a sense of achievement promote creativity and foster individual responsibility.

The hostel would be happy to put together a programme package to suit your needs. That's why you have a say in when it comes to the content, timing and framework of the programme's elements:

  • Rock climbing on the natural cliffs in Nideggen: climbing routes from easy to challenging
  • Introduction to canoeing: along the Rurstausee reservoir with subsequent theoretical and practical introduction to the reservoir.
  • Canoeing on the Rur river: after some theoretical instruction, participants go downriver from Heimbach to Zerkall (available 15 July- 31 Oct.).


The kitchen staff of the hostel is ideally equipped to meet the needs of seminar and conference guests. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style. Coffee and cakes, snacks and drinks are available upon request. Guests can also hold a barbecue on the hostel's grounds. Special dietary requirements such as vegetarian food, special meals for people with allergies or flexible meal times can be agreed in advance with the hostel's planning team.

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations receive a 10% discount on their conference room rental.

Information about our conference rooms

The rooms called "Burg" and "Verlies" have balconies.

Room Floor space
Max. number of participants
  • cinema
  • parliament
  • block
  • U-shaped block
    U-shaped block
  • circle
Floor Rent per day
Ruraue 31 sqm - 30 - - - GF upon request
Kermeter 28 sqm - 30 - - - GF upon request
Graf von Jülich 37 sqm - 40 - - - GF upon request
Effels 25 sqm - 30 - - - GF upon request
Burg + Verlies 82 sqm - 88 - - - GF upon request
Burg 51 sqm - 52 - - - GF upon request
Verlies 31 sqm - 36 - - - GF upon request
Luchsbau 51 sqm - 52 - - - GF upon request
Conference equipment

DVD player, flip chart, metaplan board, overhead projector, pin board, presentation case, projector, stereo system, TV set, Electric piano

Rehearse undisturbed and, now and then, let your gaze wander across the Eifel National Park – in Nideggen Youth Hostel you can combine music and nature. A total of six rehearsal rooms for groups of up to 90 people are available to demanding choirs and music groups here – all with a view of the countryside. Do you need a lot of rehearsal rooms for section and vocal rehearsals? Directly opposite the hostel, there are two more rehearsal rooms you can book – so you can carry out even complex music projects without any problems.

The area surrounding the hostel makes a great contribution towards the perfect rehearsal experience: whether climbing the red sandstone cliffs, canoeing on the Rur river or walking in the pristine wooded area around the hostel – everyone can enjoy a well-earned rest after strenuous rehearsals.

Talk to the service team even before you arrive – so you can fix your rehearsal times, leisure activities and mealtimes in line with the rehearsal schedule in advance and enjoy a relaxing stay.

Professional rehearsals, letting one's gaze wander across the countryside now and again and enjoying the unique landscape of the Eifel in the breaks - as one of 15 Music Hostels in the Rhineland region, Nideggen Youth Hostel is well able to cope with the special needs of choirs and musical groups. In addition, guests will also find many recreational opportunities to relax after a strenuous rehearsal.


  • Group leaders will receive a front door key on request
  • The youth hostel team would be happy to help you plan your stay


The right food makes an important contribution to a generally successful rehearsal experience. Our kitchen team has responded to this challenge with a varied range of meals: all the food that's served is healthy, light and always tasty.

You should discuss with us any special dietary requirements when planning your stay so that your wishes can be incorporated into your rehearsal schedule. We are flexible. That's why our kitchen team will also try to comply with any vegetarian or religious dietary requirements as far as possible.

Amenities for choirs and music groups

  • 6 rehearsal rooms (25, 28, 31, 37, 51 & 82 m²) for groups of up to 90 people. The largest room can be divided up (51 m² & 31 m²)
  • On request, two rehearsal rooms (50 m² and 37 m²) can be booked in the gastronomic training centre directly opposite the hostel.
  • Artificial turf pitch
  • Table tennis tables
  • Barbecue area
  • Outdoor offers on request

Instruments & technology

  • Electric piano
  • Stereo system
  • 5 CD players
  • 2 DVD players
  • 3 digital projectors
  • 2 TV sets

Room Floor space Height
Max. number of participants
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
Floor Daylight Rent per day
Effels 25 sqm 2.9 m - 30 GF yes upon request
Kermeter 28 sqm 2.9 m - 30 GF yes upon request
Ruraue 31 sqm 2.9 m - 30 GF yes upon request
Graf von Jülich 37 sqm 2.9 m - 40 GF yes upon request
Mehrzweckraum 52 sqm 2.9 m - 52 GF yes upon request
Burg/Verlies 82 sqm 2.9 m 52 36 GF yes upon request
Tagungsraum [extern] 48 sqm - - 35 - yes upon request
Tagungsaum [extern] 50 sqm - - 50 - yes upon request
Rehearsal room equipment

digital piano, piano, stereo / PA equipment